Thursday, March 19, 2009

From a scientist to a designer


I'm Fraser, and this is the first posting on my first ever blog. It has taken me quite a while to actually get round to starting this thing up, but hopefully since the hard work is now done I'll find it easy to keep on posting.

I've decided that start this blog up to document my thoughts, observations and ideas as I go back to school to learn about design. This is a reasonably daunting task right now, as for the last 10 years I have trained and worked as an immunologist. However, I am excited as this course is not your usual industrial design degree, but is one which recognizes the potential for design thinking to promote change and sustainability. You can find information about my program at UArts here. My ultimate hope is that my scientific brain will be open to the changing perspectives and methodology of a designer, and perhaps, my unique point of view will bring something new to conventional design thinking.....I'll keep you posted.

Also, I have loads of other interests to share including music, soccer, graphics and what it's like to be a Scotsman in Philadelphia, so there will be extras